See What You Don't Know About Tears

Aug 16, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Our lacrimal glands is stimulated to produce tears whenever we are reacting to some certain situations or activities. Generally it is believed that shedding tears is a way of expressing emotions - however, this is true but there are some other activities that could make tears rolls off our cheek which is not even in anyway tied down to emotions like; when chopping onions, peeing, dust, smoke etc. Mysteriously, scientist have noticed that tears contain salty globules that can generate electricity as well.

Below are fact that could trigger the expulsion of tears. 

Sign Of Defenselessness

Tears is a way of expressing ourselves when we feel helpless or vulnerable. However, while it may not solve any problem as regard our helplessness, but in a crazy kind of way, it may help soothe our pain and bring satisfaction at that very moment while seeking for solution.  

As a sign of Happiness

Crying is not only an expression of negative emotions it can also be used to express positive feelings. This could explain why people shed tears when overwhelmed with joy or after achieving at last what seems impossible.  

Why We cry when chopping onions

Chopping onion is one of the kitchen duties we all are mostly scared of. Hilariously, they are the only thing around our kitchen that tend to fight back whenever they feel threatened. Onion has been shown to contain a chemical called propanthial s-oxide which they release from their damaged tissues. This chemical evaporates and when come in contact with the eye, it dissolves to produce sulfanic acids which irritates the tears glands. 

However, there is actually a trick to apply if you don't want to cry while chopping onions; All you need do is to refrigerate the onions for few minutes before chopping them this will help reduce that burning chemical in them.

Tears Could Generate Electricity

Lysozyme is an enzyme present in human tears. It is an anti-bacteria which attacks bacteria cell wall and weaken them. When lysozyme exist in a crystallized form, it exhibits the potential for piezoelectricity. This means that when subjected under pressure, the enzyme can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. 

Tears can be used to test for glucose

When it comes to testing for glucose, diabetes patience are not so lucky because they have to undergo the painful procedure of finger pricking before their glucose level can be quantified. However, scientist have for long been scouting for alternatives through which sugar levels can be measured without patients undergoing the painful finger pricking procedure. But as it is now, it seems that things are beginning to turn around.

In 2018, some group of researchers from South Korea took an innovative step into ending this limitation, they created a contact lens that can measure the sugar level in tears without side effects. However, this research is full of hopes because it was actually tested in rabbits and the results were outstanding. Although the device is still out of reach from the general public due to the fact that it is still being improved upon.

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