Avoid These Foods They Are Killing Your Sperm

Aug 16, 2019 Kayode Oseh

If there is anything we are careless of as youths is our diet. We youths believe that we don't need to be specific or put our diet on check until aging comes knocking - we believe that being a youth is a meal ticket for eating whatever we so desire. However, most of us are actually causing harm to our self than we realize. Whatever we think is appealing to our taste buds becomes our regular staple without even considering the consequence and the adverse effect it may be having on us.

Below are foods we love consuming daily but theoretically, these innocuous looking foods are actually causing us much harm than good most especially our reproductive health.

Processed meats

Processed meat such as hotdogs, salami, beef jerky (Kilishi), and bacon, e.t.c. have all been linked to sperm malformation and deformity. Of course these foods looks good and they taste nice but studies have shown that we should stay off them if we are to maintain a good reproductive health. However, it is not clear how they actually affect sperm formation but is has been studied that their effect on our sperm health is not that encouraging.

Trans fats

We may have heard several times about the adverse effect of trans fats, not only are they dangerous to our cardiovascular system, but also to our reproductive health; according to Spanish researches in a study conducted in 2011.

Soy products

Excessive soy intake has been shown to decrease sperm formation due to it phytoestrogen content which is a chemical that mimics estrogen according to a study conducted in 99 men from fertility clinic in Boston Massachusetts USA.

Pesticides and bisphenol a (BPA)

It is really absurd because this is actually not a food but in some ways they end up in the foods we eat. The scary part of it is that this deadly chemicals are distributed everywhere around us, they are usually found in food cans and non-stick cookwares. They are also preservatives in grains, cereals, and legumes in order to prevent insects from infesting them. Their effect is very lethal and they can wreak havoc on our reproductive system.

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