Nice Countries You Can Settle After You Retire

Aug 16, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Since age is the major factor that makes one retire from the daily struggles and hustles, settling in a place that feels comfortable to you after retirement is a good way of embracing and celebrating one's old age in other words 'Aging gracefully'.

Below are countries that may suits anyone best for retirement.


   Global Peace Index Rank: 3/163
   Cost of Living Index: 71.79
   Retirement Visa: You’ll need a residence permit if you’re staying longer than six months, and you must proof that you have the financial capabilities to sustain your self.

Austria is a place that offers all the stunning natural beauty you can think of. It has an excellent infrastructure with high living standards and also very peaceful.


 .   Global Peace Index: 13/163
 .   Cost of Living Index: 72.08
 .   Retirement Visa: Fast-track permanent residency programs require high net worth. Otherwise, apply for a visitor visa and reapply as needed. After four years, you may qualify for a permanent residency visa.

Australia is a country with vibrant cosmopolitan cities, laid-back cultures, quality standard of living and outstanding natural beauty which make it a good country for retirement. 

Czech Republic

   Global Peace Index: 7/163
   Cost of Living Index: 45.12
.    Retirement Visa: No retirement visa scheme, but a long-term residence permit is awarded in certain situations. You’ll need proof of health insurance regardless of trip length.

The Czech Republic is known as the world castle capital— it has more than 2,000 castles scattered across the country, including the Prague Castle which is the largest medieval castle in Europe. It is a country with an ideal version of peace - walk through the streets at any time of the day then you will feel peace everywhere. 


 .   Global Peace Index: 4/163
 .   Cost of Living Index: 50.39
 .   Retirement Visa: You can apply for a permanent residency visa if you have proof of financial means.

Portugal is a country that ranks high in the global peace index. Settling in this country is not an issue because of it low cost of living.     


 .   Global Peace Index: 11/163
 .   Cost of Living Index: 52.51
 .   Retirement Visa: If you stay longer than 90 days, apply for a residence permit. You’ll need proof of health insurance, sufficient income, and a permanent address.

In 2016 the capital city of Ljubljana won that year's European Green Capital award, which acknowledges a metropolis’ record of high environmental standards and sustainable development practices. It has an incredible scenery—mountains, lakes, and emerald-green rivers - its a very sweet and adventurous place to settle in.  


   Global Peace Index: 28/163
   Cost of Living Index: 47.73
   Retirement Visa: You can apply for a retirement visa if you have proof that you can support yourself (e.g., Social Security, pension).

An established community of expats enjoys Chile’s high standard of living, natural beauty, cosmopolitan cities, and welcoming locals. One consideration: While Chile scored well on the Global Peace Index, it is in a major earthquake zone. Still, this highly developed country is better prepared to deal with quakes than many places.

Costa Rica

.    Global Peace Index: 40/163
.    Cost of Living Index: 50.89
.    Retirement Visa: Apply for a Pensionado visa to stay long term. You’ll need at least $1,000 per month in qualified pension income.

Costa Rica was one of the first countries to offer a special benefits package specifically aimed at expat retirees. Other perks include good healthcare, rich biodiversity, a tropical climate, and a healthful diet. Adventurous retirees can enjoy the same activities that attract tourists: whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, jungle hikes, and canopy tours.

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