The Link Between Music and Our Appetite

Aug 15, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Music is a very powerful something that can effect our emotions and our overall interest towards things, it has a way of killing our apathy and resurrecting our enthusiasm. Some people need to play music before they can read, other can't workout without playing musics and some could hardly get a sleep without music playing them in.  

Study have also shown that music play an important role in our overall appetite and the way we enjoy food. 

Have you ever been to a restaurant to eat then you discovered that the food taste resentful? It is a natural thing to hit the blame on the managements, right? but before you do just that, pay a good attention to the type of music in the background; you may find out that the music is the one responsible for your adulterated appetite.  

Back in 2012, researchers in Illinois USA divided a fast food restaurant into two sections. In one section they played soothing music with low light, while the other section was left as they found it. They then monitored the eating habits of diners in both sections, and followed up by asking the diners to rate their enjoyment of the food. The diners sitting in the soothing section enjoyed their meal much better than those in the other section. So the next time you decide you hate on a restaurant, pay attention to the music. It could be having a bigger impact than you think.

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