Unexpected Things You Can Do With Soft Drinks That Are Unbelievable

Aug 14, 2019 Kayode Oseh

It looks interesting when we realize that a lot of things we see around us could have much more benefits than we could ever imagine. Who would have thought that Coca-cola and other soft drinks could be much more handy for a whole lot of cleaning process other than just quenching our thirst. 

Below are ways soft drinks can be handy other than just being a beverage for consumption.   


Pouring a bottle of coke into the toilet wouldn't just make it sparkle but will also solve many problems associated with blockages down the drainage. This is also beneficial for our kitchen sink, sometimes the pipe that drains water out from the sink get stuck with piles of garbage, preventing water from moving. Pouring a bottle of soft drink could help dissolve those particles clogging the pipes so that they can easily flow away.

Pots and pans

The next time you are feeling reluctant in washing your pot due to adhesion of burnt foods, don't border your self too much, just pour a bottle of coke into it and place on the fire for 10 to 15 minutes. By this time the burnt foods particles must have dissolved already which will make the pot much easier to scour.    

Grease stains

Is your cloth messed up with greasy stains from that food you have eating? does it looks like the stain will be there forever? just pour a can of soft drink to soak the dress for some hours by then the stain must have been dissolved them wash as usually with detergent or soap.  

Chewing gum

Whenever you have chewing gum stuck to your hair, removing it with hand it almost impossible but a soft drink can do some magic. Just soak the strands of hair with the chewing gum in a bowl filled with soft drink for few minutes, this will help with the removal. However, this applies to those with long hairs but if your hair is not long enough, you can just soak a thin mesh fabric in a bowl containing coke then dab gently on that portion containing the chewing gum for several times. This will help facilitate the easy removal of the gum.    


Hydrochloric acids HCL are usually known for cleaning rusted metals but sometimes this may not be the best option. If you have any rusted metal you would love to clean and make it shine again, just soak them in a bowl containing coke or any other soft drink, leave for several minutes to some hour for the rust to dissolved, bring them out then wash and clean properly as would normally do.  


Are your jewelries looking a little dark and dull? Use a soft drink with lemon or lime, like Sprite or 7up. Pour the soda into a bowl and add the jewellery to it. The carbonic acid of the drink and citric acid of the fruits will rejuvenate the luster of your jewellery and make them shine again.

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