Tips on How To Settle In a New Country And Adapt

Aug 07, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

There are several reasons why people move abroad - it could be for business purposes, holidays or permanent residency but however, whichever reason it may be, settling in a new country can be very daunting and overwhelming.  Adapting yourself to the culture of your new home and becoming a part of the nation takes time and effort but is surely possible.

These simple tips below would guide you on how to settle in your new country with ease.

Learn The Language

If there is anything that will make you get along faster, is understanding your new language. Communication is a barrier and one of the major difficulty many people face when relocating to a new environment. If you are settling in a new country that already speaks similar language as yours, then congratulations because that's just a bonus but however, you may still have some little difficulty most especially in understanding accents. Try to learn and understand the accent and way of pronunciation so that you don't stain your ears too hard in trying to listen to conversations. 

Be A Yes Man

Being a yes man is another quick way of settling in your new home. When your acquaintances or people around you ask you to join them in having fun and if it is something you think you can do, don't hesitate, Its a quick way of making friends and feeling at home.  

Take Up A Course Or Join A Group

You may want to consider joining a community of people you shear the same common interest with. If you are a gym lover, then try registering in a gym house and meet new people in your community. If you love going to the library or parks then do not hesitate to assume that attitude again and meet people. Just try to mingle with people in the best possible way ever.    

Study The Culture

Knowing the way of life in you new country and how people live can make you break into the system effectively and quickly. For example red color means bad luck in Korea while it means good luck in China, you can chew gums in almost everywhere in the world but not in Singapore. You can go half naked in most beaches in the world but not in Venice beach in Italy. Just try to understand the traditions and customs of your new environment so that you don't break some rules. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Ask and it shall be given is one of the principles that will keep you going as a stranger in a new environment. Try to ask questions and seek for help when you need some, its a way of making you stay away from unnecessary troubles. 

When you need help don't be scared to ask for it. The locals in most places will go out of their way to make you feel at home in their country. There is nothing more like feeling at home abroad than the acceptance of the locals.

Keep In Touch With Your Family and Friends

Always try to keep touch with your family and friends back home. Call them often so that you can still hear some familiar voices because it might make you not feel too lonely.  

Don't Hesitate to make Friends with the opposite sex

Making friends with the opposite sex can make you love your new environment and adapt faster. As a male try to have a female friend and as a female try to have a male friend. Making friend with the opposite sex makes a lot of experience interesting for you.   

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