Avoid These Foods They May Be Damaging Your Liver

Jul 31, 2019 By Kayode Oseh


Consuming too much alcohol can make your liver to shut down. The liver constantly flush away toxic substances that alcohol produces but when the intake of alcohol becomes too much, the liver becomes overloaded and stressed making a lot of toxic substance to build up. Alcohol can cause a buildup of a toxic enzyme called acetaldehyde, When this enzyme becomes in excess, it may result in alcohol poisoning. Try to stick to a few drinks, and keep hydrated with water, to prevent your liver from being flooded with this enzyme.

Fried Foods

We may have heard that fried food pose serious threat to our health, however this is true. A lot of fried foods are rich in fat, when consumed frequently or in excessive amount, they start building up in the liver bringing about a fatty liver with ineffective function.

High-Fructose Foods

Sugar triggers a process in the body called lipogenesis, which produces extra fat that builds up in the liver. However, you cannot completely cut down on sugar intake but there are other natural source of sugars you can turn to a good example is honey.

High Salt Content

However, salt is known to majorly cause blood pressure but it can also have a negative impact on the liver when consumed in excess. New studies have shown that having too much salt in your diet can cause damage and scarring to your liver. Luckily, antioxidants like vitamin C can help to decrease that damage. You should avoid foods high in sodium, as well as try adding new foods to your diet. Try eating foods high in vitamin C, such oranges, straw berries, bell pepper etc. 

Red Meat

Red meats are rich in fat, when in excess can cause fat to build up in the liver (fatty liver). And a fatty liver is an unhealthy liver.  

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