Egg Yolks With Different Colors, What Does This Mean?

Jul 29, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

You may have probably wondered why some egg yolks looks different from others. You may be thinking whether some eggs are safer to eat while others are not. But however, the variations in yolk colors is nothing to raise your blood pressure over, it only tries to explain the lifestyle of the chicken and the type of diet they have. It is absolutely nothing you should worry about because it pose no significant health threats to those consuming it.     

Darker Orange Egg Yolk = Healthy Pasture-Raised or Forage

A deep orange yolk means the egg is from pasture-raised hens. It ndicates a well balanced and healthy chicken diet and an egg with excellent nutritional value.

Chickens with this kind of egg usually have access to outdoor pastures. Apart from their normal feeds, they usually feed on other things outdoors like grasses, warms, bugs e.t.c, just to supplement their diet. 

Light Orange Yolk = Better Chicken Feed

Chicken with this type of eggs simply indicates that they hardly go outside to scout for other food supplements. These chickens are caged indoors under artificial lighting, or roam around a dimly-lit or darkened barn with no windows.

Yellow Egg Yolk = Factory Eggs or Unhealthy Diet

Birds that lay this type of eggs are the ones that generally have no access to the outdoors or sunlight, they are fed strictly with grains. Eggs from these chickens usually have lower nutritional levels of Vitamins A, C, and omega fatty acids. This is because their diet is different than a pasture-raised egg.

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