See Other Things You Can Keep in the Fridge Aside Foods

Jul 24, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Whenever we think of fridge or freezers our mind goes to food and water, we never knew that freezers could be a warehouse for a whole lot of things aside food. In this article you will learn about other things that could also go into the freezer and fridge for them to be able to stand the test of time.

Chewing gum in clothes

Have you ever sat on a seat you didn't know there was chewing gum on it? has your clothe been ruin all because of chewing gum? then this is a breakthrough for you. The next time you have chewing gum stayed glued to your clothes, try not to panic, let that clothe go into the freezer over night this would make the chewing gum less adhesive and you can pill it out effectively.  


Jeans are not meant to be washed that is why your jean spoil quickly. They are meant to go into the freezer after use, this will help kill the bacteria in them and still keep their color intact. You can just brush them lightly after freezing to remove additional dirts but don't wash.   

Pillow case

We are suppose to wash our pillow case after use daily, but how many of us really have such time? If you think your are not ready to wash your pillow case just yet, you can let it go into the freezer daily after use, this would help prevent bacteria from infesting it in the mean time until you are ready to wash.   


Putting candles in the freezer makes it last longer. It prevents the wax from burning too fast. I think you may want to try this to confirm.

Nail polish

Keeping nail polish in a dark and cold environment like in the fridge is a good way of preserving it, It makes their colors remain brilliant and beautiful. Eye liners and eye creams could also be best preserved through this means. I guess ladies will find this tips useful. 

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