Fashion Sense All Men Should Have

Jul 19, 2019 Kayode Oseh

You may have heard of this phrase, "Swag is for boys while class is for men" however, this is perfectly true. As a man you don't just wear whatever you like or whatever you think is good dressing. Although sometimes we tend to go crazy in our fashion style maybe just to attract attention or just to satisfy our fashion thirst. But we must realize that there are ethics that governs dressing and as a gentle man you must be willing to follow those ethics if you don't want to appear as a boy still in his 7th grade.

This article serves you with good fashion sense all men should know most especially those in the co-operate world.

Wear A Belt

As a gentle man always put on belt, I'm quite sure you don't want to always drag your pants like prison inmates. Wearing bets are necessary most especially leather ones, you must also make sure the color of your belt is the same as the shoe. 

Don’t Wear A Belt And Braces

Belts are made for trousers with belt holes while braces are made for trousers without belt holes. Never combine both at the same time.

Don't overuse patterns

If you are wearing a striped jacket or a patterned one, make sure you wear a solid tie and a solid shirt. But is your jacket is plain, make sure you wear either a patterned tie and a solid shirt or a patterned shirt and a solid tie. Never wear a shirt and a tie that both have patterns when wearing a plain jacket and never wear a patterned shirt or tie when wearing a patterned or striped jacket. Also the use of pocket square is very important.

Formal Shoes

Former shoes are usually leathers not fabrics or suede and their bases are usually round not conical. 

Pocket Square

If you are wearing tie with pattern of different colors, make sure that your pocket square correlates with one of the colors most especially the dominant one. This should be done alone with ties with patterns but if the tie is solid, you may chose to skip the idea of pocket squares. 


Your inner wears must not be visible because it makes you look lazy and careless. Sometimes you could chose to open the top button of your shirt but make sure your undershirt is not visible. It is even better not to wear an undershirt or if you must, make sure its a vest or singlets that doesn't reach up to your neck region.   

Do Up Your Tie

Do not slacken your tie and also make sure that the last upper button is locked. Sometimes our shirts may not permit us to lock up the last button because we may become chocked by it this is the reason why you need to buy or sew shirts that is of good for your size.


Do not wear socks with cartoon figures or unserious images make sure your it is plain or patterned. Your socks should identify with the color of your tie or any other dominant colors in your dressing.   

Your Only Suit

If you cannot afford more than one suits then buy a gray colored one most especially dark grey this is because you can wear it to any event raging from funerals, interviews, weddings e.t.c.

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