African Countries People Don't Want To Visit

Jun 17, 2019 Kayode Oseh

One of the most blessed continent in the world is Africa. Africa is a place of potentials but sadly for many countries it is still run by corrupt officials and tyrants making it repulsive for visitors due to lack of development.

Many people regularly visit places like Egypt, Morocco and South Africa but do you have any idea where the least-visited places are in Africa? Let’s find out…

The list is compiled with statistics from the World Bank who calculate overnight stays by International visitors. However, Africa is an incredibly hard continent to compile statistics for, many countries don’t provide up to date information and and this may be a limitation in giving an accurate reports. 

Central African Republic

Often abbreviated as CAR, sadly this country is in the midst of a brutal civil war with no end in sight, often described as one of the most dangerous countries in the world with many Western Governments advising citizens to stay clear.

Due to the country’s remoteness many visitors go to see “true” Africa with the possibility to see wild elephants and gorillas. CAR is rather underdeveloped making flying the only viable option in most circumstances meaning the country is often quite expensive to visit and this could explain the low visitor numbers.


Djibouti is one of the driest places on earth, not very enticing is it? Well you’d be wrong, two of the most famous attractions include Lake Assal and the Red Sea. With incredible diving opportunities, several diving enthusiasts have ventured to the country to discover reefs with an abundance of sea life.

Sierra Leone

2016 International visitors – 55,000

A country with real tourist potential, Sierra Leone has had an incredibly tough few years fighting the Ebola crisis which has almost decimated the already low International visitor numbers.

With some of the best beaches in the world, it is very certain that it won’t be long before tourists begin to return, however it’ll need some incredible marketing to encourage visitors. One of the most popular places to visit is Banana Islands, a true depiction of tropical paradise.


2014 International visitors – 43,800

A former Portuguese colony, Guinea-Bissau is located in West Africa between Senegal and Guinea. It’s a shame that more people don’t visit this country, the jewel for tourism potential lies within it’s 20 tropical islands. On many of these you’ll have the opportunity to see hippos and even turtles.

There is so much potential here, the country now has a new direction and is starting to promote itself as an “Eco tourism destination”.  With the introduction in 2015 of an Electronic visa application system, this will make Guinea-Bissau much easier to visit.


    2015 International visitors – 35,500

To make things complicated in Africa there’s three countries which all include Guinea within their name, this is the most visited of them all but sadly still receives very few foreign tourists. Guinea is roughly the size of the United Kingdom but has very little infrastructure making it an incredibly hard country to get around.

Although rich in natural resources, this former French colony also offers wonderful untouched beaches, hiking opportunities and local home-stays to encourage the adventurous traveller.


    2008 International visitors – 34,000

It’s no huge surprise that Libya has very few tourists, ever since Western Governments ousted Gaddafi the country has been on a total spiral out of control with jihadist’s taking control and setting up splinter groups. It’s an incredibly sad situation for one of the most promising countries who several years ago had considered opening up for Mediterranean cruises.

Once Libya is back on its feet, hopefully there’ll be some historic sites left to see.


    2008 International visitors – 29,000

Firstly, Mauritania doesn’t seem to have released any official tourism figures since 2008, even their official Government website no longer works making me suspicious if they even want to receive tourists.

However, this country has never attracted mass tourism due to it’s strict laws and a visa regime that makes North Korea look like Disneyland! There is quite a few unique things to do or see including hopping on the world’s longest cargo train which looks like a really cool but dirty experience.

It’s advised not to travel here at the moment due to several tourists being kidnapped and also a few terrorist attacks have taken place by Al-Qaeda militants.

São Tomé & Principe