Hope and Alexander’s Love Story -- They Broke Up for 6 Years and Came Back Stronger:

May 24, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Some times some couples just need to give themselves a break to see what fate have in stock for them, in some cases, time spent apart could makes couples realize how important they are to each other and how they are just perfect for each other that they cannot do without themselves. How else can you explain a romantic relationship that suddenly lost fire, just like that!  For no reason, the girl and the guy suddenly stopped calling and stopped visiting.  Along the way, they totally lost communications.

six years later, fate and the wind of love brought them back together again, and this time the love became stronger than before that they can’t live a single day without each other -- So without wasting time, they decided to make it happen by planning a wedding right away.

Scroll down to hear more about their happy-ending love story, how they met, and their marriage proposal story and also see their cute engagement shoot pictures.

How They Met (and the Proposal)

According to the bride, Hope:  “We met in 2009 where we play handball as teammates. He revealed to my close friend that he liked me, and begged my friend to hook us up. I did little ‘shakara’ to him but later accepted to become his girlfriend.

After a few months of dating, we stopped communicating for no reasons… just like that? Yes, just like that.  We only got talking again when one of our mutual friends visited me and while we were discussing, he made a phone call to him (Alexander) and told him to speak to Hope (me).  Can you imagine that he couldn’t even spot my voice – he had to ask: ‘which Hope? Is this Hope Odin (me)’?  I told him ‘yes’.

So, he took my phone number. He later told me that he was out for serious dating.  One day, he called me on phone, saying he sent someone to me, and that the person was at the gate waiting for me.  So, I went there and was surprised it was him.  I screamed in excitement. We talked about the past, present and the future.

That was how we continued from where we stopped in our relationship”.

Their Marriage Proposal Story

Hope speaking: I saw the proposal coming when on the 1st of January 2016, he called me and casually said ‘Temi na this year o’.  I accepted his proposal because he understands me so much even with my stubbornness… Haha

In March he told me he wanted to meet my parents to tell them his intentions (to marry him). So, we fixed a date. He met my parents and they accepted him.

Alexander speaking: ‘Hope can be very stubborn, but I love everything about her – including her stubbornness. I just believe God planned and prepared her for me, because after (6 years of) lost communication from 2009, we still came back together in 2015. Haba, na God-win!  But, before she accepted me back…  Hmmm… This time around, I had to keep the communication on before she would again take off (which I don’t want).  Hahaha’

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