How lack of connection with others can affect your well-being

May 23, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Forming a relationship as an adult is not easy compare to before -- the time when you where still growing up or when you were still in your youth. Right now your school days are over, you've maybe moved to a new city, and you're no longer surrounded by people you know and people that loves what you do or people that understands you.

Lack of community can actually take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Here are actionable ways you can start building your own community of friends

Awareness is the first step

Before you can start building connections with other people, you need a firm grasp on what's going on with you. Once you're more in tune with yourself, you're in a position to brainstorm what it is you're looking for in other people. "Wellness is not one size fits all, and what may be good for you, may not be for someone else. After a little self-reflection, you're fine-tuned to find the type of friends that you want by your side in your wellness journey.

Be real about who you are

People tend to respond better to you when you're truly authentic. So, before you start on the grind of friend-searching, make sure you're putting out vibes that match who you are—not just what you think other people want from you.

"It's easy to get trapped in our minds and feel like we have it all together, or that we don't have enough. It's not always easy expressing yourself, but now's the time to practice some extra self-love. You already know who you are, it's just being able to put all that info outward—and while it might be cringe-worthy at first, the benefits are so worth it.

Step out of your comfort zone

Now's the time to take some action--interacting with those you normally might not interact with—whether it's simply responding to someone's Facebook post.

When you go anywhere lets say the gym, You just have to open wide and try to have a conversation with someone. Once you open up, you'll find you're not the only one who feels awkward hanging around the gym holding water-bottle without someone to discuss with—you just need to break the ice.

Attend community-oriented events

"Try things that resonate with you, and don't be hard on yourself. And events (especially ones that are community-focused) are the ideal spots to network with people who are all looking for the same thing: A new, meaningful community.

Plus, you can use social media as a tool to educate you on these kinds of meet-ups. Take this as an opportunity to follow your local spin studio or go-to coffee shop on Instagram for upcoming experiences. Join local message boards and Facebook groups and bookmark their events pages. Seek out community groups that post upcoming happenings. Then, take the action into real life.

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