Diver’s Close Encounter With 100ft Blue Whale is Captured in Stunning Photos

May 20, 2019 Kayode Oseh

A Thai diver managed to get these fantastic images of a blue whale as it swam past off the coast of Sri Lanka

Thai photographer Tanakit YamMo Suwanyangyaun, 37, managed to take these stunning pictures as the huge mammal emerged from the deep.

He said: “It looked like a submarine. Every whale we saw was massive, but this one was up to 100ft long. It made me realise how tiny I am in this world.”

Tanakit managed to capture the stunning pictures thanks to the help of a fellow diver to show just how small humans are compared to the beautiful sea creatures.

He added: “You need to be fast to get into the water but without scaring them, otherwise they dive down very quickly.

“You only have ten seconds before it swims past you, so you need to hold your breath while diving down with them. It takes a lot of physical effort.”

Blue whales are the largest animal known to have ever existed on Earth.

The heaviest one ever recorded weighed 173 tonnes.

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