Things You Must Get Use to When Dating a Woman That Likes Food

May 20, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Some women are just food freaks--they eat virtually anything pleasant to the eyes and whatever they consider edible and savory. If you must date such a woman here are the things you must know about her so that her attitude don't piss you off unnecessarily.

She carries snacks everywhere she goes

As a normal things for ladies, she carries are normal make up kits in her bag and at the same some things to snack on-- May be biscuits, pies, or cakes.  

She finishes one meal and plans another

Those ladies tend to plan for the next meal even when sloping down food at that particular moment. They can be eating dinner at the same time planning for breakfast for the next day.

Your dates need to involve food stops along the way 

If you plan on taking her out for a long car journey- make sure there is a service station or fast food joint on the way or she will get angry and talk about nothing else but food until you get to your destination.

She may disappear when you’re on a night out in town

If she is a no show for 15-30 minutes of a heavy drinking session with friends, it’s because she has popped around the corner to get a snack. Well food soaks up the booze right?!

Midnight snaking is her passion 

Don't be surprise when you wake up at night and find out that she is close to the fridge looking for fruits or any other thing to eat.

Post sex snacks are a must

After burning off hundreds of calories during that marathon, she may want to refuel her bosom.

She loves Christmas 

For the stockings- a socially acceptable reason to get a bag of food- and Easter- for all the eggs and then the reduced chocolate in the shops afterwards.

She is a cheap date 

An all you can eat buffet is like a challenge for her- none of this small portioned, posh nosh- she likes quantity which often comes cheap. She can go back again and again- take breaks and then return to the endless supply of food- it’s like a dream come true for this lady.

She won’t waste your money 

You don’t need to turn up with flowers that will die or expensive jewellery she will never wear, nope- take her food and she will be forever grateful.

She navigates via eateries

If you want directions, expect them to come in the form of a series of pubs, take outs and restaurants rather than roads because that is the only way she knows how to get places.

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