Decoration Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom

May 17, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Selecting the perfect design for you kids bedroom can be very challenging. Of course you will want to see your kids room to be juvenile inspired but how do you create that perfect settings that will be appealing to your kids soul-- from painting the room to installing cartoon figures and installing wall peppers. Making design decisions in their room based on your own style may work at times. But, why not give your kids their own unique place that they will love to spend time in?

Here are some hints you may want to consider when trying to give your kids room that amazing and perfect look.

Kids Room Design Ideas To Try

There are several factors to consider when decorating a room, such as the size of the space, the number of people sleeping in it, the furniture pieces and your child’s preferences as well. If your child is still little, it’s up to you how you want their space to look. With that said, rather than sticking with traditional designs try adding some flare. Here are a few fun design ideas that are worth considering in your kid’s bedroom.

Boys Room Ideas

For families who have little boys, you might want to try these bedroom ideas for them to enjoy.

Toy depot

If your son has a collection of toys, you can display them on low shelves for easy access. A floating shelf will work nicely but make sure that it is secured properly to prevent it from falling. To complete the look, hang a bold colorful fabric piece on the wall at the head of the bed. This will create a visually stunning headboard that will complement his bedding and pillows.

Themed wallpaper

Don’t hesitate to try something new in your kid’s bedroom. For wall decorating ideas, consider hanging themed wallpaper like cowboys, dinosaurs, space designs, and the like. You can incorporate the same colors for your child’s bed to complete the look.

Go nautical

Boys and their affinity for boats are one of the most popular of kids bedroom ideas. Transforming the bedroom into the captain’s quarters will surely grab their attention. Start by painting the walls in aqua to emulate the ocean. Next, hang nets on the ceiling to recreate fishing the high seas and use them for toy storage. You can even decorate their dresser with boat-themed accessories and sailing decals. If you want to add a touch of modern nautical, frame blueprints of boats and hang on one wall of the bedroom.

Girls Room Ideas

Many times parents go with a basic princess theme for a girl’s room because it seems like the easy choice. But did you know there are plenty of fun and pretty decorating ideas for you to try which your little girl will still love? Here are a few examples of kids room design ideas that you can use:

Starry night

If your little girl loves to stay up reading, you can create a starry night design in the bedroom. Paint the walls in sapphire blue, with bits of stars to recreate the night sky, and install desk lamps to focus the light on the area where they can read or study. Wall stickers of stars or the galaxy applied to the ceiling will help set the mood too.

Powder white

For a classic look in a little girls room, you’ll never go wrong with using a white and pink color palette. Painting the walls in a soft white color will make the space bright, especially in the morning, while choosing a white and pink color scheme for their bed linen, rugs, and even artwork too will complete the look.


If you are looking for kids bedroom ideas that are good for two girls sharing a room, how about transforming their bedroom into a whimsical place? A fairy themed bedroom is going to create a colorful space for them to enjoy so start by painting the walls pale green. Then, add fairy decals to the walls to enhance this magical theme. To complete the look, add a rainbow-colored rug in the center of the room. If they have a separate bed or for bunk beds, you can dress up their beddings with rainbow-colored sheets

Gender Neutral Designs

For those who prefer, there are some great gender neutral kids bedroom ideas. Here are a few ideas to try out.

Room with a view

If the bedroom will be used by both a boy and a girl, why not create a room with a view? If you have large windows in the room, you can add two twin beds, one at each window with lightweight curtains that allow sunlight to shine through. On the other hand, if the room does not have ample windows or the room uses a bunk bed, you can easily transform one wall with a grand scenic nature-themed mural.

Install a chalkboard wall

What other gender-neutral ideas can you use for your children’s bedroom? How about transforming a plain wall into a chalkboard wall? As the name suggests, this wall is painted with chalkboard paint so your kids can write and draw on it anytime they want and it’s easy to clean. Add a small color-neutral storage unit with drawers against the wall for the chalk and other accessories. Not only will they spend more time learning, but it will also encourage their imagination to build and develop during play time. What’s more, you can even establish a family time routine and join in on the fun!

Bright books

Looking for a storage solution that doubles as decor? How about displaying their books? A bookshelf can be used for both bookcases and storage which will reduce clutter and help with organization. Display your children’s books on the shelves while leaving the bottom portion available for their stuffed toys. You can easily swap out the books and toys with other accent pieces as they grow older.

Geometric patterns

Another example of kids room design ideas is to paint geometric patterns on the walls in fun colors. Geometric patterns are gender neutral and will help create a focal point to their space as well as add dimension to your kid’s room.

Modern with a futuristic twist

Modern bedrooms are quite fun to look at. You can transform your children’s bedroom into a space aged room by adding a chrome bookshelf in one corner, then adding galaxy themed stuffed animals and UFO figurines on the shelves. Modern furniture like a glass bedside table, a mirror front dresser, and chrome reading table can help complete the look. For even more flair, add a globe lighting fixture installed at the center of the ceiling.

Black and white

You’ll never go wrong with the classic black and white theme in your children’s bedroom. This look is both versatile and functional as any style of furniture, storage bins and décor will go with these colors. This may sound plain to some but this classic look can withstand the test of time.

Sleek stripes

Whoever said that sleek stripes don’t work in a bedroom is mistaken. You can add a striped rug in your kid’s bedroom and paint the walls with stripes too, either horizontally or vertically depending on what you want to achieve. If you don’t want to paint stripes on the walls, hang striped wallpaper on one wall only and complete the look with striped linens and pillowcases.

Ranch Style

If your kids will be staying in the attic, transforming into an outdoor adventure is going to make them enjoy their room even more. Make use of wooden panels, or add canopies to their beds, plus wooden trunks too to achieve a ranch-themed look. Don’t forget to add plenty of barn animal decals.

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