Herbs that are really helpful to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

May 17, 2019 By Obiaks 3.5K

We all have been the victims of depression and anxiety at some point in our lives whether it related to studies, giving a presentation to management in the office or just household affairs. Statistics have proved that every one in four women takes medication to treat the disease of depression only in America. Certainly, it might be more around the world. In the start, people might take over the counter medications or resort to other ways of calming themselves like cannabis, alcohol or CBD Tincture which is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid helps reduce the restlessness in our body.

At times, herbal treatments are recommended to the patients but they are not as popular as it is perceived that they might not be as effective as antidepressants which are quite untrue. Herbal remedies not only cure your mind and body but is also without any after-effects like the allopathic medicines.
Today, we will recommend some of the most effective and easily available herbal cures which will definitely help you to fight anxiety and depression.

Lavender has been used for centuries due to its smell as an inhalant in perfumes, lotions and sprays. In the review of 2013, Lavender was proved to have a significantly positive impact on regularizing sleep and reducing anxiety attacks. Nowadays, Lavender is processed in the form of powder and filled in a capsule to use as a medicine. It does not have any side effects and can be taken as per your requirement. You should take the dosage according to your needs and there is no barrier for using it in the long-term as an addiction.

We all are aware of Chamomile tea which is used in our daily routines but studies have proved that it has an impact on reducing depression. An experiment was done on the patients of generalized anxiety disorder by giving them placebo and chamomile. After eight weeks of inspection and observations, patients showed signs of improvement. Chamomile tea is safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is an extract which is usually available in the form of a capsule. It is very popularly used in European countries with chamomile or Lavender tea. It has shown signs of calmness and increased productivity for individuals. It is also used to cure headaches and digestive problems.  Lemon Balm is known to be a mood lifter. It is now only used in today’s world but proved to be effective from the ancient Middle Ages, It was given to individuals showing higher stress levels and anxiety.

Rosemary has an arousing smell in your kitchen whenever it is used in roasting meat or vegetables. It is also used for seasoning purposes and to add flavor in your food. Little do people know that this small packet in your kitchen cabinet has tremendous effects on anxiolytic and anti-depression. The substances in rosemary make it quite favorable and calming to the soul. It includes circimaritin, salvigenin and rosmonal which make the herb more powerful and effective.

Thyme is also a herb easily available in our kitchen cabinet. We often use it to cook vegetables, pasta, meat roasts,and pizza. It not creates a delicious flavor to our dishes but is also considered as a mood stabilizer and if used in small proportion, it can have a soothing effect on our sleep.

GinkoBiloba is made from dried ginkgo leaves. It is a herb which is widely used in Europe and the United States. It is considered a supplement and can be purchased over the counter as well. According to a recent statistical study, around five million doctors have written this supplement as a prescription for the treatment of anxiety and depression in one year only. The herb works on our body by increasing the blood supply, aiding our neurotransmitters as well as maintaining the blood thickness. It has been commonly used for patients who have minor memory loss problems, lack of concentration, headache, dizziness,and mental misperception.

Ashwagandha’s uses dates back to over six thousand years for numerous mental health issues. It is commonly used in a traditional Indian form of medicine called Ayurveda. Recent studies have proved that it not only cures depression, anxiety,and mental disorder but is also quite effective in the therapeutictreatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s and slows down the progress of Parkinson’s disease. It is taken as a dosage of 300 mg twice a day and has not shown any side effects. 
The journey of depression and anxiety is tough and complex. People might not understand symptoms within themselves and around. For some unfortunate people, it is a fight of a lifetime. However, it shouldn’t have the power to drive your life and choices. The herbal treatment requires commitment as it slowly and commendably cleanses your soul and mind from the havoc of depression.

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