What Is A Trundle Bed

May 17, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Finding the right type of bed for your home takes some research. When space is limited, investing in bunk beds for your apartment or your kids’ bedroom is always an option. But why not consider a trundle bed? Trundle beds are perfect for those who want to maximize floor space but avoid potential falls off a bunk bed. A trundle bed is a good alternative when you have limited floor space in the bedroom or if your kids invite friends for sleeping over. The extra bedding space ensures that everyone is comfortable at night.

What Is A Trundle Bed?

A roll out trundle bed has two beds in one unit. A trundle unit is often made using twin beds or a full frame. The bed set has one frame positioned underneath another frame to save space. The top unit is a standard bed height. The metal bottom frame creates a small bed that is usually on casters to accommodate fitting underneath the top bed.

Typically, a thinner foam mattress is positioned on the lower bed to make an easy fit under the upper bed. The trundle bed is rolled out via rope handles or handles made of some other material. A trundle bed is ideal for a child’s bedroom as it makes it easier for friends who are sleeping over.

Designs Have Changed Over Time

Trundle bed designs have evolved over the years. These items are equipped with a metal platform that has rollers underneath to provide support for the top mattress. This design comes with a spring load installed on the frame that can raise the lower bed to the same height as the upper bed. The frame needs to be secured so the trundle bed will not fall back to its original position while you sleep. Trundle beds are designed to save space while providing an extra bed. Many times this type of setup is installed in dorms, kids’ bedroom and even in apartments where space is limited.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Trundle Bed

When looking to purchase a trundle bed, you can expect to pay more in retail than a single twin or full bed. This is not unusual given that this type of bed offers two places to sleep while space saving. Bunk beds work well for some families. But trundle beds, especially daybeds that include trundle beds, serve both as a bed and a sofa.

Before you buy this type of bed, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons first. You should also consider these factors:


. Design variety. Different types of trundle beds are being sold today. These items come in various materials such as wood, upholstered fabric or metal frames. You can choose based on the style you prefer to match your decor.

. Top mattress choices. The upper mattress can be any type, such as foam, hybrid, memory foam, or latex.

. Space saver. It provides two beds in the space of one.


. The lower mattress will have limitations as to its thickness. A good option here is a memory foam since it doesn’t need a box spring.

. You have to raise and lower the bed every morning and night.

Trundle Bed Options

Trundle beds are designed to save space while providing an extra bed to sleep. A retailer may offer many different types of trundle units to help you save space.


For apartment dwellers, a daybed and trundle option is particularly favorable. A daybed is a piece of furniture that has a three-sided headboard that resembles the design of a sofa. Pillows are usually stacked at the back and the sides of the bed so that it can be used for sitting during the day. It is equipped to hold a standard mattress [2].  Daybeds and trundle beds combined are a wonderful option for small spaces.

Sleigh bed

A sleigh bed includes an outward curving headboard and footboard so that the bed resembles a sleigh. Some sleigh beds are made as trundles and offer under bed storage drawers.

Panel bed

These are beds that have very high headboards. Panel beds can be sold as a single bed or as a trundle.

As you can see, a trundle bed is a valuable piece of furniture. It not only saves space but serves a multitude of functions. It is a substantial piece of furniture so make sure you know the proper delivery area if you plan on picking it up yourself from a store. For online ordering and home delivery, ask about delivery, set-up specifics and any additional charges.

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